We invest responsibly and wisely creating value for our investors. Depending on the asset or acquisition, investments are made through our Fixed Income, Public Equities or Project Platform Funds.

Fixed Income

Fixed Income

  • Investments in operating assets
  • Mezzanine or convertible debt
  • Buyout of global cash-flow producing assets
  • Usually Backed by a sovereign entity with robust credit ratings
  • Tax incentives
Public Equities

Public Equities

  • Equity buyout in mid to large cap publicly traded distressed companies.
  • Infuse additional cash for working capital or growth
  • Companies with strong fundamentals and growth potential
  • Restructure and reorganize company
  • Take Board seats and assist turnaround
Project Platform

Project Platform

  • Large greenfield projects
  • Usually through a public-private partnership (PPP)
  • Co-investing with other global funds
  • Lead investment manager