About Us

Ingen is an experienced Alternate Asset Manager with deep knowledge and experience in the Infrastructure, Energy and Healthcare sectors. Our direct relations with partners and company senior stakeholders allow us to access some of the best deal pipeline in the industry.

Diversified Asset Manager

Diversified Asset Manager

Proven Industry Experience

Proven Industry Experience

Senior Management

Umesh Bhatia

  • Managing Director
  • 20 years operational and investment management experience.

Freia Wei

  • Director of Investments
  • 15 years operational and capital markets experience.

Mete Turkogiu

  • Execuve Vice President
  • 25 years Corporate Finance and Energy Markets Experience

Yigit Tileylioglu

  • Investment Director
  • 15 years Corporate Finance and Energy Markets Experience

Sridhar Srinivasan

  • Senior Advisor
  • Previously Chairman and Managing Director Central Bank of India

Dr. Donald P. Francis

  • Senior Advisor
  • Famed Scienst and AIDS Researcher